Conventions : Table Gifts

Conventions : Table Gifts

I love conventions for the dolls first. I love because I can meet my friends and meet new friends, each we have fun, it’s amazing.

But each time I have to think about gifts ! I like to please those who are at my table.

And I try to be in the theme as much as possible but at least have a link with Barbie.

The gift is different if I travel by plane or car.

All year I think what gift I will offer, I have millions of ideas, some are ultimately unachievable, others are but I do not know how to do it! If I can manufacture it, I do it but it’s very difficult because I’m pretty bad at manual work!

I put a lot of time to make my table gifts, this year, I started a big challenge but I get there little by little; in less than a month I am at the Madrid convention and I have not finished my work! But the more I move in time and the more I put pressure on myself! But I would be very happy if I see the joy on the faces of my friends.

And you ? How do you choose your table gifts?

* My table gift last year at Madrid Fashion Doll Show Convention (Kawaï theme)

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